ThinkInk is a Coimbatore based publishing startup that aims at revering and recognizing unsung authors and their pieces of work into books. Very often, publishing a book is more tedious than writing the book itself. It is undeniable that there is too little guidance towards making a writer see his/her work take physical form. Thus, most among the writing population give up the idea of publishing their work or writing itself. Lending ears to the untold yearning of talented writers, ThinkInk came into existence.

The team is a bunch of young likeminded passionates with the common idea of bringing into light, those writers looking out for an opportunity to showcase the world, their best works.


As a first move, Team ThinkInk launched the Story of Her contest, wherein the writers were asked to submit short stories suiting to the contest’s title. About 250 plus submissions were received from authors around India and from many NRIs, both in English and Tamil. The submissions were scrutinized abiding with the contest rules and the top ten editorials picks in each language were compiled into two anthologies- ‘Story of HER’ in English and ‘Avalin Kadhai’ in Tamil and top three stories in each language received cash prizes worth


Our publication was available as print copy and E-book and was nominally priced. Thinkink’s reach was ensured by the quick sale of the two books compiled. To be exact in number, 450 copies were sold as on 13th May.2018. Many  more orders are yet to be attended and the number is sure to shoot up.


Our book launch event happened on the 23rd of April,2018 at Prozone Mall, Coimbatore with Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan, I.A.S., being the Chief Guest. Many other eminent personalities joined us on the D-Day. Many supporters and patrons along with the writers and their dear and near were a part of the event. The event received a good reach and was covered by TOI, Simplicity Coimbatore and many Tamil dailys.



All are writers indeed, some ink them down, some confine it within themselves. Having known that each one has a story to tell, we targeted our second venture towards the repository of emotions and experiences. ‘Thatha Paati Kadhai’ was an initiative to bring the Grandapa Grandma tales on a public platform opening pampering and love alongside the story reach multitudes who have lost the warmth of Grandparent’s story telling as a bane of nuclear family culture. The venture received more than 200 stories that marks the reach beyond target.

Once upon an IAS Exam

The book ‘Once Upon an IAS Exam’ by K.VijayaKarthikeyan was launched at three various places Brookfields Coimbatore, Odyssey Chennai and Sapna Book House Bangalore. The book launch remained an opportunity for aspiring writers meet an inspiring writer. The book had an enormous reach and was ranked 2nd by Nielson ranking and was featured in the Hindustan times Paper.The book still remains sought after among many reader circles.

ThinkInk’s marketing hub took a great leap during this venture distributing 7500plus copies PAN India incorporating special marketing strategies and conducting interactive session with the author along with sale which had been most welcomed among the bibiliophiles. The sowed efforts from the marketing desk reaped results in terms of huge number of copies sold.


coimbatore teen fest

Breaking age barriers and opening the platform for young writers we undertook this venture. Coimbatore Teen Fest was an open contest targeting school kids. 20 schools from Coimbatore participated in the event and the event happened at a larger scale with 3100+ participants.The top editorials picks in each language were compiled into anthologies-‘The writer In Me’ in English and ‘Enakul ori Eluthalaar’ in Tamil and School students were honoured with author title and top three stories in each language received cash prizes,Medals ,Certificate worth.

Book Launch event happened on the 10th of July,2019 at Sapna Book House Rspuram,Coimbatore with National Best Selling Author Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan,I.A.S., being the Chief Guest and V.Karthikeyan Chief Executive,Sapna Book house Joined us on the great Occasion.The event received a good reach and was covered by Leading Media team. To ThinkInk identifying and nurturing authors at a young age seemed a more promising patronage that we could extend to writers and hence Coimbatore Teen Fest was effectuated.




Avalin Kadhai